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Pavlina is a painter and the founder of the international Association AVM - Visionary Art Switzerland in Montreux. She studied art with the painter Gérard Di-Maccio in Paris and since 1991 her works were on display in more than 100 exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Russia and Asia. The studio is in Switzerland and her collective work was honoured with the European Francophone Sédar Senghor Prize of the Arts in 2005. Her paintings were acclaimed in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre by the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts of France in 2007 and 2013. In 2017 she is the curator of the 1st international Visionary Art exhibition of Switzerland (500 m2), situated on the shores of Lake Geneva.



Cultural Center Maison Visinand, Montreux, Switzerland 04.07. - 09.08.2020

The CCMV - Cultural Center Maison Visinand of Montreux-Riviera, Switzerland opens the doors for the Association Private P'Arts. Pavlina participates at this extensive exhibition that includes more than 40 artists.


Solo exhibion of Pavlina at the Mazot-Museum, Switzerland 12.05. - 30.06.2019

The Mazot Museum opens its doors to show a solo exhibition of Pavlina. Her works seem being alive et try to reconnect the public to our profound nature. With her art, Pavlina invites us to a spiritual journey seeking for more consciousness in our society.



Pavlina is invited to represent the Visionary Art movement Switzerland in Moscow. it's the second major exhibition of Visionary Art in Russia that brings together international artists on a surface of 400 m2. As an artist and project partner the paintings of Pavlina are on display and a Welcome Video of her is published in the historical building "The House of Artists" which is situated in the heart of Moscow.


Conference in Museum L'Atelier De Grandi, Switzerland

"Pavlina and Visionary Art. Answers to a society in mutation?" Founder of the AVM - international Association Visionary Art Switzerland in Montreux, Pavlina gives a conference about this movement, museums and a selection of contemporary artists at the Museum L'Atelier De Grandi situated in Corseaux/Vevey, lake of Geneva region, Switzerland. 


Videos: Tibet Museum Switzerland - Paris - Geneva


PAVLINA - Art exhibition at Tibet Museum in Switzerland

PAVLINA - Art exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris

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