Museums, foundations, distionctions - selection

2024 Group exhibition at the Hopfenmuseum, Wolnzach/Munich, Germany (assoc. Art'Pair) - Montreux Museum, city of Montreux, Switzerlannd (assoc. Private P'Arts)

2023 Copper Museum, Legnica, Poland (assoc. Art'Pair)

2022/23 "Visionary Art Pavlina" Museum L'Atelier De Grandi, Corseaux-Vevey (solo exhibition for three months)

2022 Museum of Montreux, city of Montreux, lake of Geneva, Switzerland (assoc. Private P'Arts)

2021 Cultural Center Maison Visinand, Montreux, Switzerland (solo exhibitionn with A. Stein)

2020 Founder of the Visionary Art School Switzerland and opening of Pavlina's new studio and the Center of her association Visionary Art Switzerland, city of Montreux.

2019 Honorary Artist of the international Visionary Art Trip exhibition (400 m2) in Moscow, Russia - Museum-Mazot in Martigny, Switzerland (solo exhibition) - Conference at the Museum L'Atelier De Grandi, Corseaux-Vevey, Switzerland.

2019/2018 Naïa Museum, Rochefort-en-Terre, France (group exhibition)

2019 Museum-Mazot, Martigny-Combe, Switzerland (solo exhibition)

2017 Amnesty International, foundation Madeleine Moret, Lausanne, Switzerland (foundation Résonnance)

2017 Founder and President of the International Visionary Art Association Switzerland.

2017 Curator of the first International Visionary Art Exhibition in Switzerland shown on 500 m2 at the Congress Center of Montreux. Pavlina invited four museums : Ernst Fuchs Museum of Austria, Giger Museum of Switzerland, Naïa Museum of France, Di-Maccio Museum of Japan and thirty artists from USA, Europ, Russia and Asia.

2017 Amnesty International, Foundation Madeleine Moret, Lausanne, Switzerland (group exhibition)

2016 Castle Gloggnitz, Austria (group exhibition)

2015 Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan, Berne, Switzerland (group exhibition)

2014 Tibet Museum, Gruyères, Switzerland (solo exhibition)

2011 Foundation Valette, Ardon, Suisse (solo exhibitionn)

2010 Cultural Center Mompezat, Paris, France (solo exhibition) - UNO United Nations, Geneva (group exhibition) - Cultural Center of Jaipur, city of Jaipur, India (assoc. Société Nationale des Beaux Arts de France)

2006 HR Giger Museum, Gruyères, Switzerland (assoc. Art of Imagination, London)

2005 New Museum of the Ancient Abbaye and Castle Salem, city of Salem, Germany (solo exhibition)

2004 Museum Bertrand de Châteauroux, city of Châteauroux, France (group exhibition)

Since 1992 Independant Visionary Artist; more than 120 exhibitions in museums, art fairs, foundations, cultural centers and gallerys in France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, India, Brazil, Colombia, Russia and the USA.

1987-92 Student and assistant of the French painter Gérard Di-Maccio, leader of the Visionary Art mouvement in France. His personal museum is situated in Japan.

1986-87 French studies at the University Sorbonne, Paris, France.

1985-86 English studies in Hawaii, Windward School, USA. 

1985 High School Diploma, Lake of Constance region, Germany.

Born in Römerstadt "The Roman City", former Germany, now Czech Republic.

German mother, Slovakian father.

Swiss and German nationality. 



2019 Honorary Artist of the international exhibition Visionary Art Trip in Moscow, Russia.

2013 Winner at the SNBA-National Society of Fine Arts of France.

2010 Winner of the Botticelli Price for the monography books "PAVLINA-20 years of blue passion" and "Espaces et Transparences" with C. Luezior, Paris, France.

2009 Winner of the Prize Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Société académique d'éducation et d'encouragement, Paris, France.

2009 Guest of honor of the International Art Fair Montreux Art, Switzerland.

2007 Winner at the SNBA - National Society of Fine Arts of France.

2005 Winner of the European Francophone Prize for Arts Léopold Sédar Senghor, Paris, France.

1999 Winner of the European Academy of Arts, France.

1998 Guest of honor of the International Art Fair of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France.



Member of the Foundation Taylor, Paris.

Member of the Society for Art of Imagination, London.

Member of the Association Art'PAIR international, France.

Member of the Maison Visinand, Cultural Center of Montreux, Switzerland.

Member/Sociétaire of the SNBA-National Society of Fine Arts, Sociéte Nationale des Beaux-Arts, France.

Member of Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Assoc. Des calories pour la vie, Helvetas



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