Pavlina transports us to a visionary universe.

Pavlina dreams of a new world, in which there’s a balance between a respectful materialism and the sacred aspect of life. Her works were on display on more than 100 exhibitions and her projects are concerned with social and philosophical issues, interspersed by questions and contradictions, which reflect our contemporary society. The public discovers beings in the process of evolution, between suffering and happiness, between the unconscious and the conscious. The size of the works varies between 30 and 300cm, using techniques in oil, acrylic, crayon…on canvas, wood, steel, art paper…


09.12.2017 au 15.12.2017

Dreams & Divinities 09 - 15 December 2017

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Group exhibition

Atanquez, César, Colombie

08.11.2017 au 12.11.2017

Visionary Art - Art fair MAG - Montreux, Switzerland - 500 m2

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The art fair Montreux Art Gallery MAG invited international visionary artists to show their paintings on 500 m2, at the Music & Congress Center 2M2C of the city Montreux. The exhibit is visible for the public for five days, from 08th to 12th november 2017 included, at the border of the lake of Geneva, Switzerland.

08.11.2017 au 12.11.2017

1st International Visionary Art Exhibition - Congress Center 2m2c - Montreux Switzerland

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Pavlina Boroshova, also named PAVLINA, is the organizer of the first international Visionary Art Exhibition shown in an art fair in Switzerland: on a surface of 500 m2 about 30 artists of 12 different nationalities as well as prestigious museums are shown. The project is presented at the MAG, in the Congress Center 2m2c in the city of Montreux, during 5 days from the 8th to 12th November 2017.

Pavlina is also the founder and president of the international Visionary Art Association - Montreux Switzerland.

07.03.2017 au 08.03.2017

Amnesty International Switzerland - International Womens' Day - Lausanne

02.03.2017 au 12.03.2017

Foundation Women with broken wings - Morges, Switzerland


Interview of Pavlina - 1 h - Radio Television Switzerland - RTS La Première

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The journalist Lidia Gabor invited Pavlina to talk about her artistic biography, as a personal exhibit of Pavlina is presented at the Tibet Museum, Gruyères, Switzerland. You can find the interview "Entre nous soit dit" in the section "Multimédia" of this website

27.07.2016 au 17.09.2016

Castle Gloggnitz - A Legacy of Light - Austria

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Philip Rubinow Jacobson, painter, writer and official successor of the famous Ernst Fuchs, invited with the visionary painter Mantra Cora about hundred artists from many foreign countries. The monumental exhibit "A Legacy of Light" is a tribute to his mentor and friend, who died just some months before. At the same time it was celebrating the 20th anniversary of "Old Masters - New Visions" in Austria. Pavlina participated at this visionary exhibit in Castle Gloggnitz from 27th july to 17th september 2016.

17.12.2015 au 20.12.2015

SNBA - National Society of fine arts - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris

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Pavlina is participating with about 300 artists at the annual exhibit of the SNBA (national society of fine arts in France) in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre from 17th to 20th december 2015.

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