Pavlina transports us to a visionary universe.

Pavlina dreams of a new world, in which there’s a balance between a respectful materialism and the sacred aspect of life. Her works were on display on more than 100 exhibitions and her projects are concerned with social and philosophical issues, interspersed by questions and contradictions, which reflect our contemporary society. The public discovers beings in the process of evolution, between suffering and happiness, between the unconscious and the conscious. The size of the works varies between 30 and 300cm, using techniques in oil, acrylic, crayon…on canvas, wood, steel, art paper…


04.11.2015 au 08.11.2015

Art fair MAG - Congress Center - Montreux, Switzerland

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The gallery Murandaz exhibited several paintings of Pavlina at the international art fair MAG (8000 m2) in the Congress Center of Montreux, situated at the lake of Geneva, Switzerland, during 5 days from 4th to 8th of november 2015.

16.06.2015 au 20.06.2015

Ambassy of Japan - Bern, Switzerland

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The Ambassy of Japan invited Pavlina and other international artists to exhibit their works in the cultural center of the Ambassy until the 20th of june 2015.

07.11.2014 au 10.11.2014

Art en Capital - Grand Palais - Paris nov 2014

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Pavlina is participating at the historical art fair "Art en Capital - Comparaison" at the Grand Palais, next to the Champs-Elysées in Paris, France. Every year about 35.000 visitors are coming to Art en Capital.

09.10.2014 au 30.10.2014

Genev'Artspace - Geneva, Switzerland - 300 m2

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A generous exhibit of Pavlina's art, in collaboration with the suisse artist Jacques Walther, is presented on a surface of more than 300 m2 in the Genev'Artspace, outside of the city of Geneva. The artists exhibit leur new collection of big sized works, created especially for this upcoming event. You can see the video on the "Multimedia" section of this website

14.09.2014 au 19.10.2014

Pavlina at the Tibet Museum - Gruyères, Switzerland

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The Tibet Museum is inviting the painter Pavlina to exhibit her news works with the titlle "Pavlina and the sacred art of Tibet". The artist got inspired by the very ancient sculptures of the collection of Alain Border of the Museum. The permanent collection of the Tibet Museum is open for the visitors.

27.11.2012 au 02.12.2012

Art fair "Art en Capital" - Comparaisons - Grand Palais, Paris

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One of the biggest art events of France "Art en Capital" presented the four main art fairs of France next to the Champs-Elysées in Paris during 5 days: 27th nov to 02nd déc 2012. The event is under " haut patronage " of Mr Francois Hollande, the President of France. The work of Pavlina is presented in the art fair section "Comparaisons". More than 35.000 visitors come is 5 days to the art fair, every year.

22.11.2011 au 27.11.2011

Art fair SNBA - Art en Capital - Grand Palais - Paris - France

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Pavlina is participating at the international art fair "Art en Capital", Grand Palais des Champs-Elysèes, Paris. Her work is presented by the SNBA - Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts of France.

21.05.2011 au 04.06.2011

Fondation Valette - Ardon (VS) - Switzerland

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Solo show of PAVLINA with about 50 paintings and drawings on over 300 m2 at the Foundation Valette in Ardon, VS, Switzerland.

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