Pavlina transports us to a visionary universe.

Pavlina dreams of a new world, in which there’s a balance between a respectful materialism and the sacred aspect of life. Her works were on display on more than 100 exhibitions and her projects are concerned with social and philosophical issues, interspersed by questions and contradictions, which reflect our contemporary society. The public discovers beings in the process of evolution, between suffering and happiness, between the unconscious and the conscious. The size of the works varies between 30 and 300cm, using techniques in oil, acrylic, crayon…on canvas, wood, steel, art paper…


16.12.2010 au 19.12.2010

SNBA - National Society of Fine Arts - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris - France

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The SNBA (Société nationale des Beaux-Arts), National Society of Fine Arts organised the annual event with Pavlina and more than 300 artists at the well known Carrousel du Louvre, salle Le Nôtre, in Paris. It is under the "haut patronage" of the President of France.

11.10.2010 au 03.11.2010

Gallery La Cité du Temps - Geneva - Switzerland

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Pavlina is participating with several paintings at the group exhibit "La Soif, Source d'Espoir" at the gallery La Cité du Temps, Pont de la Machine in Geneva, Switzerland.


Reception of the book prize in Paris - Pavlina "20 years of blue passion..."

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The twin art books of Pavlina are awarded:"PAVLINA - Vingt années bleu passion" et "PAVLINA-CLAUDE LUEZIOR - Espaces et transparences" at the Cultural Center Mompezat in Paris.

25.03.2010 au 12.04.2010

UNO - United Nations Office - Geneva

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"Des artistes au service de la paix" - Pavlina and about hundred Artists were creating symbols of Peace for the world. The project was sponsored by Bahreïn of the middle east in collaboration of the UNO. This exhibit was publised and took place at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.


22.01.2010 au 31.01.2010

Cultural center of Jaipur - India

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A collective exhibit of a selection of 20 French spoken artists and 20 Indian artists, organised with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts of France, a cultural exchange with the French Ambassy.

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